Project & Change Management
Project and Change Management Assignment

Project and Change Management Assignment

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Project and Change Management Assignment

RationaleProject and Change Management Assignment

Project and Change Management Assignment

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are expected to adapt to their environment on a continuous basis in order to maintain their resilience and competitiveness. Policymakers, public servants, and managers must be able to comprehend the nature of change management and the role of project management in ensuring the success of their initiatives. The “change” should be “managed” through the use of a change management methodology and project management techniques.
With the proliferation of methodologies and prescriptions for project management, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to be able to discern which frameworks, processes, and tools are most suited to their organizational context, but most importantly, how to apply them successfully.
The course examines the nature of change management, its models, and processes in order to provide practical guidance on how to manage change and projects effectively.
Students should be able to: Critically evaluate the differences and implications of various change methodologies, operational and project work for an organization; Assess the suitability and provide recommendations for the use of projects, programs, and portfolios for managing project work in an organization or situation; Critically compare the various methods for managing change and project work and critique.

Assignment- Project and Change Management Assignment

You are a new manager at the healthcare organization X and your director has asked you to manage a change management project. This can be reducing excessive costs and wasteful duplication, implementing a new system or anything else you think relevant. Your boss gives you his view of the change management project goals, explicitly outlines the responsibilities but you need to consider how to incorporate other factors you need to consider and how to go to execution to achieve the planned outcomes. It would be useful if you can use the Kotter’s approach as below and the relevant steps regarding how to handle this change e.g.:

Establishing a Sense of Urgency – communicate that the need for change is unavoidable.

Creating the Guiding Coalition – allies should be included in such a guiding coalition

Developing a Vision and Strategy – generate a point of reference in the future.

Communicating the Change VisionCommunicating the Change VisionCommunicating the Change Vision

Empowering Broad-Based Action – people are energized and they take initiative, risks and innovate

Generating Short-Term Wins

Consolidating Gains and Producing More Change

Anchoring New Approaches in the Culture

Therefore, indicative trigger questions for this assignment can be:
► How to Identify performance gaps, such as wasted resources or bugs in products, and opportunity gaps, such as ideas for meeting customers’ needs.
► How can you build your group’s skills for handling continual change?
► What could you do to help overcome employees’ resistance?
► How can you uncover what’s motivating the resistance, address valid concerns and make resisters part of the solution?
Further to the above, by using Project Management you can explore how to design and execute such an approach. I would suggest you how by using the Project Management knowledge areas (integration, scope, time, cost etc) to justify the detailed use of 2 processes which can add value to your project (e.g. scheduling, stakeholder engagement etc).

Project and Change Management Assignment

Assignment is a case essay and requires you obtain sufficient information on a case of a change management and project and carry out a critical analysis of nominated aspects of that project.
Writing the paper
It must start with a basic overview of the essay. You need to start the paper with an introduction, which will identify the primary goals along with the statement of the thesis. When you are seeking for ways of how to start the task, you can use this information to make the main bodyز

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